Server Installations

We provide server installation services to local businesses. We not only install the servers and set them up but we will also maintain the servers for you, and keep them up-to-date inline with any changing business requirements.


File Servers - share files, folders, printers, other resources with all employees securely

Active Directory - Secure your network, prevent unauthorised access to your data
Microsoft Exchange - share email, access it from anywhere with Outlook Anywhere
Backup Strategies - Remote Dial-in checks, off-site backups, Mirrored Data Drives, File Versioning
Host server applications such as any accounting package, Sage Line 500, Sage ERP 1000, Document Management Systems, Warehouse Management Systems.

Windows Server Small Business Server (Latest Version)

  • Professionally installed
  • with floating users
  • Folder Redirection
  • Secure access
  • User level and Group level access control to files and folders
Backup 'Tapes' for taking off-site, or into a fire safe
Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit

Business IT Support

On-going support, including backup management
Pay As You Go Support.
Same Day or Next Day Support
All provided by us




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