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We are passionate about providng IT project work to businesses. A professional business service provided to businesses who want to develop their IT systems. It doesn't have to be all at once, we take projects on one at a time. All the skills are waiting for your business here on a pay as you go basis.


Automation projects

Automating work processes within your business. If you have manual data in one area of your business that regularly needs to be seen in other departments we can come on-site and think through the problems you face and do a feasibility study with you to see about automation options and ideas. 


PC upgrade projects

Upgrade and speed up all workstation PCs to the same level.


business expansion projects

Thinking of expanding into new premises? Worried how your data can be shared across multiple sites. It can be done, no matter the distance, no matter the type of data.


custom projects

You may have ideas within your business and want them implementing. We can do it for you. Anything to do with network, PCs, custom software development we have the skills to help.


be organised

Problems for small businesses often stem from poor documentation. We create a Configuration Management (CM) document as part of quality assurance for all our clients. Particularly important where mission critical systems are in place and down time must be at a minimum. Leave us in charge of your IT and we will identify risks, run system recovery tests, backup tests, and ensure your systems are up and working as much as is possible.



lots of ideas

Do you need an internal business database building? You probably think you need ‘something’ in some areas of your business – usually we find these sorts of problems can be solved with a business database. You may already use copious amounts of excel documents and word documents to record and share your data – but these need constant management and review, various versions can exist and no-one’s sure which one can be deleted, which one is still being used.

You may have Sage and maybe an Access database. Access is a halfway house, and unreliable between windows/office versions, and industry support is depleting. Sage is good for one thing only – accounting. If you go for the expensive version of Sage – which is Sage ERP 1000 – there are hundreds of add-ons you can buy, but they are expensive to install and often do more than you need – meaning you’re paying for things you don’t need.

You may even be using too much paper – printing everything out, or writing by hand to give to/communicate with another department. Each time you copy data from place to place (from notepad to email to excel to sage) you run the risk of data corruption. ‘One single input to many outputs’ situations can be achieved using a business database.

Well, there is a solution, we can build you a custom business database. It has core modules for achieving auto invoicing, auto reports, it can communicate with TV screen displays, it can auto print, it can read, harvest and store documents that are scanned in. Then come your internal processes which can often be unique and this is where a custom built database model of those processes comes in handy.

When you have a business database…
It lowers administration times
It lowers the need therefore for extra staff per unit of growth.
Instead of just a 1000 sales orders per month, your business can sail through 2000.

That’s what we do, in a nutshell, we are hired to help your business use IT to be more efficient. We expertly manage projects from start to finish. We also have IT Systems Engineers, programmers, and Business Process Engineers who can be employed under the management of our IT Project Manager, all from under one roof. Issue logs managed, risks identified, right through to assured completion.


  • Big Summary Screens, huge, cheap, ways to communicate with multiple employees across multiple shifts/timezones. - a ‘What’s Next?’ methodology. Look at the screen and see what’s next to do. Collaboration – with everyone, by a supervisor, one click of a button can update 7 screens around your organisation. – think of the possibilities.
  • Integrates back to your Sage/ERP via a strict, tight and flexible interface.
  • Big easy to use buttons. Dedicated interface, minimal clicks and inputs.
  • Data Correctness Mini Reports, and change notifications. For admin staff.
  • Barcode readers, which tell the operators whats next.
  • Communicate from shop floor to office instantly works order status’, despatch status’
  • Maintenance Schedule / Health and Safety checks reminders. Health and safety videos on big screens 3 once per day.
  • Sales notification reports for salesmen – Live! as they happen.- Batch! At the end of the day.
  • Approval processes for documents.
  • Document Scanning stations, auto file away, auto OCR feature, auto barcode discover feature, and notifications to relevant departments. Instead of filing away for 7 years in filing cabinets, file it away digitally. Search and find features for fast retrieval.
  • Document Management Systems
  • Document Archive Systems – Barcode it, Scan it, Forget it.
  • It comes as standard with a web interface, so people can dial in from the outside world who need to securely and see their reports.
  • Servers installed. To protect files, user access control. Shared printers. Backup systems can be deployed easily on a server.
  • Custom Software – do you have a repetitive task that you wish could be done by a computer? Having to do the same task twice to satisfy to different systems? We have various methods to reduce this kind of problem. Saving time. Want to record data in a digital system instead of on paper? This can be done.

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