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"If you're using a disconnected pop3 mailbox then you're still living in the stone age!"


We provide a connected Exchange service to business people and professionals, enabling them to be connected to their email, contacts and calendar information from any device, anywhere and everywhere. On their smartphone or tablet (ipad, iphone, android, windows mobile, blackberry), their work laptop, home laptop - all synchronised with their Microsoft Outlook back in the office. So wherever you are you know you have the right information with you.

Organise your Microsoft Outlook email, calendar and contacts on your PC (or on your tablet) and all the changes will be seen by you on all your other devices. 


This is what you can expect from a connected Exchange service....(liberation!, in a word, but also).......

If you send an email on your phone or tablet, a copy of it is there waiting for you in your Outlook’s Sent Items folder automatically when you are back in the office. And vice versa. No more cc'ing yourself in. It just works with you, and how you'd logically expect it to. An amazing, liberating product

contacts, calendars, emails shared between servers and computers

contacts, calendars, emails shared between servers and computers

controlled, secure access to files and company shared data
no more of this!



controlled, secure access to files and company shared data

controlled, secure access to files and company shared data


If you delete an email on your mobile device it's also then put in your Deleted Items folder on your laptop/PC's Outlook software. So you never again need to delete the same email(s) 2 or more times, unlike what you do with a disconnected ordinary POP3 mailbox.
If you create a contact on your phone it’s there waiting for you on your laptop in Outlook automatically when you are back in the office. And vice versa.
The cloud will restore everything to a new laptop/PC, when you buy a new one, upgrade or reinstall windows etc. Just by setting up Outlook again with your username and password. It will all just come back down from the exchange cloud. Same again if you buy a 2nd laptop for home or on-the-road, input your username and password into Outlook and Bob's your uncle!
There is a comprehensive web interface where you can log in via Internet Explorer (or Chrome/Safari) on any PC in the world, and view not only your inbox / Sent Items, but all of your folders that are actually inside your PC's Outlook at work. So you'll never be without access to your historical emails. All you need is your username and password, as long as you can remember that then you've got access to everything! even your calendar and contacts are there!
No plugging your phone into your computer to synchronise your contacts and calendar. All the data is synchronised, up-to-date and organised for you via the Exchange service wirelessly.
It even allows a work colleague (like a secretary) to check your appointments while you’re out of the office, and they’ll be seeing the same up-to-date information that you see on your mobile phone’s calendar. If they add an appointment to your calendar it is immediately there on your phone/laptop/desktop
Comes with a free copy of Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 or Outlook Mac 2011 installed and set up for you
Comes with an anti-spam and anti-virus filter options
Home laptop's Outlook (or PC) synchronised with your work laptop. Take your work home with you properly at last.
Work laptop synchronised with your office desktop. Take your work out on the road with you properly at last.
Out of Office – the real out of office service, where you don’t have to leave Outlook open all weekend for the auto-responder to work.
Be organised! A successful business is an organised business. Unlock outlook's potential now!
Can be installed on any email domain eg  Also it will auto collect other common domains including,,, email addresses - and forward them to your new email address.
You'll never go back to the disconnected way of working with Outlook after you've used Outlook with an Exchange service for a week! In complete harmony. 
A massive 60GB mailbox, no need to archive ever again

An Exchange Service cloud solution can be installed on any email address. You only need it installing on your primary email address and then your Outlook's email, calendar and contacts can be taken with you everywhere.

We will install this for you and continue to support you. Installation takes about an hour and then thereafter you'll be as efficient as can be. 

Why not try it for 6 months? We think you won't ever look back. it's what we use for our Outlook emails so we sort of know.



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