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We are passionate about providng IT support to businesses and professionals.

Our goal is to be available to help businesses install and maintain professional IT systems and grow their business without fearing the IT implications knowing full well that we are here to help. In an ideal world IT systems would be installed and then never need maintaining. But unfortunately humans and changing business requirements prevent this from being the case. Most of our clients don't want to afford a full time IT department. We are the alternative, and just as effective for those businesses who don't actually need a full time on-site IT department. There are other companies doing what we do, except we believe we provide something that others do not and that is passionate IT support.

By being part of their team and regularly visiting their business and having real conversations with all staff in their busness (corridor talk) we start to understand what it is that makes your business work and so we can apply our knowledge in the very best way for you.


integration with your business

Our staff can integrate with your business as much as or as little as you want. Some of our smaller clients just call us in when they have tasks/projects they wish to accomplish.

Other clients use us weekly and we're involved at a project and procurement level and we are asked to complete a project and we are left to complete that task over the following months. Such projects may include custom software development for internal communication, network capacity expansion, or server installations. Checking with staff and reporting to management at key stages. This is often in parallel with week-to-week support problems.

Some weeks we may be in 2 or 3 times for a mixture of 2, 3 or 4 hours and sometimes a full day. Other weeks we may only make one site visit. It's dependent on demand and time constraints. We can dial in instantly via VPN and other professional methods so we don't need to go on-site for every little thing. Overall this way of working, which suits most small to medium sized businesses who want to spread the cost of their IT development and progression, does save money.

be organised

Problems for small businesses can often stem from poor documentation and being organised and ready for problems that are likely to occur (risks). We create a Configuration Management document as part of quality assurance for all our clients, (whether they like it or not). Particularly important where mission critical systems are in place and down time must be kept to a minimum. Leave us in charge of your IT infrastructure and we will identify risks, run system recovery tests, backup tests, and ensure your systems are up and working as much as is possible. If none of these risks are important to you, then your business must be one of the lucky ones!


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