TV Data Screens
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Big TV Data Screens! Real-time Summary information


Big Summary Screens, huge, cheap, ways to communicate with multiple employees across multiple shifts/timezones. - a ‘What’s Next?’ methodology. Look at the screen and see what’s next to do. Collaboration – with everyone, by a supervisor, one click of a button can update 7 screens around your organisation. – think of the possibilities.

  • Large Work Summary Screens. 1, 2, or 3 summary screens per station. Each station placed in Key Visible Locations around the business.
  • Real time key information displayed as soon as the backend office database is updated
  • In reception
    • Showing visitors where their work is up to while they wait, (in certain scenarios)
  • In Sales and processing
    • Showing the staff what is ready for despatch or for invoicing
    • Showing what was last invoiced.
    • Showing delays
  • In Warehouse, in packing, in despatch
    • Auto print (to the nearest printer, or a wireless printer) a Work Order Sheet including a barcode, when a Work Order is started or turns green
    • Summary screen showing what’s being worked on right now, what’s nearly finished, what’s next, what’s moving quickly, what’s moving slowly
    • Showing picking jobs waiting to be put in despatch location, showing putting away jobs waiting from Goods Inward areas
  • In Goods Inward
    • Showing what jobs are waiting for material in
    • Auto print GRN label/sheet with barcode
    • Communicating with other screens around the warehouse when items are ready to be put away
  • Each screen shows only what is needed by that department
  • a ‘What’s Next?’ approach
  • a Supervisor console for changing work order priorities, order, sequence
    • Access through your internet browser
  • Add extra value and quality to your existing ERP or MRP. Sage ERP 1000, Line 200, the list is endless.
  • Visible processes everywhere, instantly
    • View any summary screen from any PC on your network via your internet browser – see what’s going on.
  • Custom built to tie in with your business’s processes every step of the way
  • Efficient, Cost efficient, excellent return on investment

useful, relatively cheap ways to communicate with multiple employees across multiple shifts/depts/sites. - Daily targets perhaps? Employees look at the screen and see what’s next to be done. Collaboration – between office and workshop, workshop and office, one click of a button in the office can update 12 screens around your organisation. – think of the possibilities and how it would fit a growing, lean and efficient business.

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