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We understand how much apps play a big role in business data - if you can just give your customers access to certain it would make your lives so much better - or if you and your staff could just have quick access to your business database or ERP system securely then you can do work whilst on the go! We've all now got access to banking and emails and calendar information faster and more conveniently than ever before, so why not our business specific data inside Sage Line 500 or Sage ERP 1000 or any Business Database. 


Sales Apps for your customers to place orders directly into your ERP 
Can integrate with your sage, or other ERP database



Custom requirements - that help your employees have access to their data
Semi-automatic reports with one-click approve buttons
A completely bespoke end-to-end development solution provided for your business in-house
Deploy to the iphone/android/windows mobile device via iTunes Store or Play Store or direct-to-device on-premises for even more security
Enhance your business database in any way that helps make your business more efficient and more accessible
Secure - 10s of layers of security, by design
Reduce mistakes, remove duplicate inputting
Add-ons, Modules, Custom Written by our in-house Data Analysts
Powerful Tools for powerful requirements - anything you can throw at us - even if it's the kitchen sink!


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