Centralised, Business Back Office Database

We are database specialists, we take care of the all the technical detail ensuring that your systems work for you rather than against you.

We have various packages and components which are baseline that we can use to help speed development and reduce the cost without taking anything away from the quality of the solution; in fact this approach enhances it.

A common platform, used by every department to record and track and report on changes to any business entity. Sales Orders, Works Orders, Assets, Stock. Displayed on multiple platforms. Accessed via multiple platforms.
Big TV Data Screens - real time key summary info More Info



Warehouse Management System - real information flows modelled perfectly More Info
Automatic Repeatable Work Repeated for you - Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders - More Info
Auto Document Management Systems - Paperless Office, Paper Archive System  More Info
Marketing Module - Assign customers to marketing categories. Design an advert in Microsoft Word. Assign advert to marketing categories. Press Send. Packed with other features that are completely customisable and extensible.
Triggered Events, Triggered Actions - Automatic, Semi-Automatic. Print Barcode Labels, Email a Customer, Goods In Event Triggers, Despatch Event Triggers, anything!
Send Advice Notes, Invoices, Purchase Orders by Email in PDF format, automatically/semi automatically at different points in your processes, in response to any triggered event
Web Browser based, which means you access it through Internet Explorer. Not necessarily over the internet, it can internal to your business. But it means there's little or nothing to install on each PC for easy setup.
Integrate with an internal business database - to track other entities and assets.
Detect Duplicate Sales Orders 
Detect Sales Orders that have been Despatched but Not Invoiced
Detect Negative Stock
Enforce your business processes and report on them when data is captured using useful enhanced software


Bespoke software written to connect your business / company database fluently to Sage
Enhance Sage to fit your business needs. We understand that every business is different and so enhancements make the software fit your business processes better
Auto Export to Sage at the end of your business process, via barcodes
Web sales orders auto imported into Sage
Secure and traceable. Username and password for each employee. Security Group policies.
Full flexibility
Powerful Tools, Barcode Systems, Anything you can throw at us - even if it's the kitchen sink!
Reduce mistakes, remove duplicate inputting
Add-ons, Modules, Custom Written by our in-house Data Analysts
Mobile Apps - auto integrated to your ERP or CRM
Projects Managed by the best, that don't cost the earth
Quality Assured
Guaranteed Results, Measured Regularly, Raising the bar, allowing abstract thought without the worry of the detail. It's a good place to be, our customers are already there
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Does my business need a database? Have a think about your data using these questions:

1. Is it on various PC's?   YesNo    
2. At more than one physical location or office?  YesNo    
3. Is it in a format that is difficult to access for some tasks?   YesNo    
4. Is information duplicated across your applications?   YesNo    
5. Do you have more than one system to do the same thing due to historical reasons?   YesNo    
6. Are tasks duplicated within your organisation?   YesNo    
7. Do you have problems obtaining adequate reports to give you the information to allow you to run your business?   YesNo    
8. Are certain tasks difficult, prone to error, or take a lot of time?   YesNo    
9. Do you use Word or Excel to store information?   YesNo    
10. Do you have trouble finding information?   YesNo    
11. Is some or all of this information in an employees head?   YesNo    
12. You don't have a backup of this data?   YesNo    
13. You don't have an offsite backup?   YesNo    
14. You don't have disaster recovery plan? 




We’re looking for an ambitious customer who wants to use the latest IT technologies available to automate, semi-automate and model their business processes. “You can only throw more people and paper at a problem for so long, until it becomes chaotic and counterproductive.”.

  • Data Consolidation
  • Inter Office Connectivity
  • Web Databases
  • Intranet Applications
  • Interactive Websites with or without logins (i.e. public or private access)
  • Computer to Computer communications and integration
  • Consultancy on how best to improve your systems
  • Good old systems analysis
  • Time and materials analysis
  • Address Books
  • Work Tracking Systems
  • SMS Text Messaging modules auto send on event trigger
  • Production Control Systems
  • Site Access Applications
  • Barcoding to for allow quick identification
  • Letter Writing Systems
  • Auditing and Recording Keeping
  • Document Management Systems
  • Management Information Systems
  • Distributed or remote access
  • Source Code included where applicable
  • Asset Tracking 

Do you need an internal business database building? You probably think you need ‘something’ in some areas of your business – usually we find these sorts of problems can be solved with a business database. You may already use copious amounts of excel documents and word documents to record and share your data – but these need constant management and review, various versions can exist and no-one’s sure which one can be deleted, which one is still being used. You can't report on the contents of all related excel sheets. 


You may have Sage and maybe an Access database. Access is a halfway house, and unreliable between windows/office versions, and industry support is depleting. Sage is good for one thing only – accounting. If you go for the expensive version of Sage – which is Sage ERP 1000 – there are hundreds of add-ons you can buy, but they are expensive to install and often do more than you need – meaning you’re paying for things you don’t need.


You may even be using too much paper – printing everything out, or writing by hand to give to/communicate with another department. Each time you copy data from place to place (from notepad to email to excel to sage) you run the risk of data corruption. ‘One single input to many outputs’ situations can be achieved using a business database.


Well, there is a solution, we can build you a custom business database. It has core modules for achieving auto invoicing, auto reports, it can communicate with TV screen displays, it can auto print, it can read, harvest and store documents that are scanned in. Then come your internal processes which can often be unique and this is where a custom built database model of those processes comes in handy.


why? A database is a proven and reliable way to store and share large amounts of critical data fast and accurately. Easily backed up, because it's all in a central place physically.

When you have a business database…

It lowers administration times

It lowers the need therefore for extra staff per unit of growth.

Instead of, for example, just managing to get through a 1000 sales orders per month, your business can sail through 2000. It'll be a breeze. All that remains is concentrating on selling more, trusting fully and confidently in the business processes modelled perfectly by the database software.


That’s what we do, in a large nutshell, we are hired to help your business use IT to be more efficient. We expertly manage projects from start to finish. We also have IT Systems Engineers, programmers, and Business Process Engineers who can be employed under the management of our IT Project Manager, all from under one roof. Issue logs managed, risks identified, right through to assured completion.


We’re based in the North West and we are looking for motivated, ambitious companies who want to streamline the time wasted on repetitive actions and communicate internally using fast, semi-automatic and automatic processes. Trim off the fat, and have fast lean processes.



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